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Wrongful Convictions: Did You Spend Years Behind Bars For A Crime You Didn’t Commit?

In recent history, a great number of individuals who were convicted of serious crimes have been found innocent years after the fact. Though they’ve been exonerated, their criminal record cleared and reputation restored, they can never get back the years they lost serving a sentence for a crime they didn’t commit.

If you were wrongfully convicted of a crime, and have been exonerated, you may have a civil rights claim.

At The Oppenheimer Firm, located in Chicago, we have helped hundreds of individuals throughout the country enforce their civil rights and hold police officers and other government actors responsible for their actions.

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Our lawyers will investigate the circumstances surrounding your conviction from the initial police stop or search to the guilty verdict.

We will look at any DNA evidence – or lack thereof – to determine whether police and prosecutors had a legitimate case, or whether there was misconduct in attempting to obtain a quick conviction. If improper or illegal identification and interrogation procedures were used, and if exonerating evidence was destroyed or withheld, we will pursue maximum compensation for you. If a police officer’s misconduct contributed to your wrongful conviction, we will find out and we will take legal action on your behalf.

Our attorneys aren’t afraid to go up against the government and hold police officers liable for their wrongful acts. We will demand that you be compensated for your loss of liberty. Over the years, we have brought hundreds of civil rights actions on our clients’ behalves – and won.

We know that no amount of money can make up for the years of your life spent wrongfully imprisoned. But we can help you get the monetary resources you need to move forward with your life.

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If you were wrongfully convicted of a crime, your civil rights were violated and you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our firm today to discuss your rights and learn about your legal options in a free consultation.