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Advocating For Victims Of Surgical Errors

When you undergo surgery, you place your trust in the hands of medical professionals, expecting the highest standard of care. Unfortunately, surgical errors can occur, resulting in significant harm and lasting health concerns. When a surgeon is responsible for avoidable harm during your operation, they need to be held accountable for their actions.

At The Oppenheimer Firm, we concentrate on seeking justice for our clients after they suffer harm. Our Chicago medical malpractice lawyer is adept in holding doctors and hospitals accountable for injuries stemming from poor surgical practices. We are committed to doing all we can in seeking the justice and compensation you need to move forward.

Understanding The Scope Of Surgical Errors

Surgical errors are a form of medical malpractice that can take many forms, from operating on the wrong body part to leaving surgical instruments inside a patient. These errors can lead to severe infection, prolonged recovery, additional surgeries, and in some cases, irreversible damage or death. The consequences of these injuries can last years or a lifetime, and it is only fair to pursue compensation that accurately reflects the current and future costs of your injuries.

Your Right To Safe And Accurate Medical Treatment

We believe that every patient has the right to safe and accurate medical treatment. When that standard is compromised due to negligence or oversight, The Oppenheimer Firm we advocate on your behalf through your compensation claim. We have the skill and experience necessary to stand up to health care providers and their legal representation to make sure they are responsible for the suffering they have caused you.

Attorney Michael Oppenheimer and our team will work closely with medical experts and other expert witnesses to scrutinize every detail leading up to your medical malpractice incident. We understand the challenges of taking on these claims, and we are prepared to guide you through the process of holding liable parties accountable and will do what it takes to maximize the compensation you receive for your injuries.

Pursue Justice After Surgical Errors

If you have experienced serious and avoidable harm during surgery, do not make the mistake of accepting a settlement offer or signing anything without first consulting with us to help you do what is best for your needs and future. Call us at 312-757-2232 or email us here to meet with an Illinois attorney you can rely on after your medical malpractice.