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Seeking Compensation For Medication Errors

The journey to medical recovery often begins with trust in the medication prescribed to improve health. But when that trust is broken due to medication errors, the impact can be profound and tragic, leaving a patient in a worse condition than before. When these errors take place, the liable party needs to be held responsible for their actions, which can often require skilled legal guidance.

At The Oppenheimer Firm, we recognize the emotional and physical toll that these errors can take, especially when they result in serious injury or the loss of a loved one. Our goal as your legal representation is to help you through your medication error claim with as little time and effort as possible, all while maximizing the compensation you receive as a result.

The Gravity Of Medication Errors

A medication error can include receiving the wrong medication or dosage, or never receiving the medication at all. No matter how your error originated, it can result in negative reactions, worsened conditions, and even permanent or fatal consequences.

It can be hard to imagine an outcome to your claim that can make up for the suffering and harm you experienced, but our Illinois medical malpractice lawyer will pursue the optimal outcome in your claim to provide you with the resources you need to move forward.

Your Advocates After Medical Negligence

It is only reasonable to expect legitimate care from medical personnel, and that expectation extends to your medications. When a medical professional does not meet the standard of care they are obligated to provide you, our lawyer is ready to step in and hold them accountable. We explore all options of bolstering your claim, including consulting with expert witnesses, and we are prepared to fight to obtain every penny you deserve in your claim.

Seek Justice For Medication Errors

If you suffered harm because of a medication error, do not make the mistake of accepting any outcome without the guidance of a skilled Chicago attorney. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation by calling us at 312-757-2232 or emailing us here. Now is the best time to take action after a medication error, so contact us today.