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Record Breaking Wrongful Conviction Settlement In Chicago

In a historic move, the Chicago City Council has approved a record-breaking $50-million settlement for four men wrongfully imprisoned for a total of 73 years. The men, known as the “Marquette Park Four,” were exonerated in 2017 after spending decades incarcerated for a 1995 double murder they did not commit.  

Attorney Michael Oppenheimer Wins Settlement For The Dixmoor 5

In a landmark victory for justice, The Oppenheimer Firm has achieved what is considered one of the largest wrongful conviction settlements in Illinois. A group known as the Dixmoor 5 received a settlement of $40 million after they were wrongfully convicted of rape and murder in 1991.

City Of Chicago To Pay $6.65 Million After Attorney Oppenheimer Wins Case

The Oppenheimer Firm successfully negotiated a collective settlement of over $6.65 million for four separate cases of police misconduct in Chicago. This settlement is the result of the firm’s aggressive and dedicated representation of our clients to ensure they receive the outcome they deserve.

Attorney Oppenheimer Wins $8.75 Million Settlement For Family Of Michael Craig After Shooting Death

The Oppenheimer Firm has secured an $8.75 million settlement for the children of Michael Craig, a man fatally shot by a Chicago police officer. This settlement is a reflection of the firm’s dedication to justice for victims of excessive police force and the loved ones who lose family members to it.

Attorney Michael Oppenheimer Earns Family Of Kajuan Raye $1 Million Settlement In Police Shooting Death

A federal jury awarded $1 million to the family of Kajuan Raye, an Englewood teenager who was fatally shot by Chicago Police Sgt. John Poulos in 2016. This verdict was a major achievement for the Raye family’s civil rights claim, and The Oppenheimer Firm‘s own attorney Michael Oppenheimer represented the family throughout their claim.