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$1 Million To Family Of Police Shooting Victim

CHICAGO, Ill. — In 2020, a federal jury awarded $1 million to the family of Kajuan Raye, an Englewood teenager who was fatally shot by Chicago Police Sgt. John Poulos in 2016. This verdict was a major achievement for the Raye family’s civil rights claim, and The Oppenheimer Firm‘s own attorney Michael Oppenheimer represented the family throughout their claim.

The incident that sparked this civil rights claim involved Sgt. Poulos chasing Raye before shooting him in the back, and his death was a major source of pain and grief for the Raye family. The Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) initially justified the officer’s actions, but the jury’s verdict reflected a different opinion.

“The family is relieved that the jury recognized the gravity of the loss of Kajuan and has held the responsible parties accountable,” stated attorney Michael Oppenheimer. “While no financial compensation can ever replace a loved one, this verdict is a step towards healing and serves as a message that such actions by law enforcement are unacceptable.”

During the trial, we presented evidence that confirmed a lack of a weapon at the scene that also contradicted the police claims after the death. Thanks to the persistence of the family and our legal skills and knowledge, we were able to secure an outcome the family needed to move forward after their loss.

“This case is not just about Kajuan; it’s about the broader implications for police conduct and the need for systemic reform,” added Michael Oppenheimer. “We will continue to support the Raye family and work towards ensuring that such a tragedy does not befall another family.”

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