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Achieving A $8.75M Settlement For Family Of Police Brutality Victim

CHICAGO, Ill. — The Oppenheimer Firm had secured an $8.75 million settlement for the children of Michael Craig, a man fatally shot by a Chicago police officer. This settlement is a reflection of our dedication to justice for victims of excessive police force and the loved ones who lose family members to it.

Michael Craig, aged 61, was the victim of excessive force when the police arrived in response to a domestic violence call that Michael had placed, reporting that his spouse was wielding a knife and making threats. The settlement from this claim is one of the largest settlements involving the police and shows the urgency and importance of holding them accountable for reckless policework.

“The resolution of this case brings a measure of justice to the family of Michael Craig and highlights the critical role of legal intervention in cases of police misconduct,” said Michael Oppenheimer, attorney for the Craig family. “While no monetary award can replace a life lost, this settlement is a step toward healing and systemic change.”

This case became popular because of the tragic details of the events and the body camera footage, which promoted scrutiny of the police response. Our advocacy was the leading force in resolving this claim and securing compensation for the Craig family after losing their loved one.

“We will continue to stand with families like the Craigs, ensuring that their stories are heard and that justice is served,” added Michael Oppenheimer. “Our pursuit of justice goes beyond the courtroom as we strive for greater transparency and accountability in policing.”

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