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Unlawful Search And Seizure: Were Your Fourth Amendment Rights Violated? We Can Help.

The police are given great power – they can stop citizens, frisk them, detain them, question them and arrest them. However, these powers aren’t limitless – even though some police officers behave as if they are.

At The Oppenheimer Firm, located in Chicago, we keep police officers in check. If your constitutional right against illegal searches and seizures was violated, we will file a civil rights suit, hold the police accountable and obtain compensation for any violations.

You Have The Right To Be Free From Illegal Searches And Seizures

The Fourth Amendment is one of the hallmarks of our country. It guarantees that citizens will be free from unlawful police searches and seizures.

This means the police cannot stop you and search your person, your car or your home unless specific legal standards have been met. If the police did not have probable cause to believe you committed a crime or a valid search warrant for your premises, they cannot stop you, search you or arrest you.

We Give You The Strength You Need To Prevail

At The Oppenheimer Firm, our lawyers will investigate every aspect of your search and arrest. Did the police have probable cause to stop you? What factors led the police to believe you were committing a crime? What evidence did they rely on to seek search warrants?

If the police violated your Fourth Amendment rights at any time during the process, we will bring a civil rights suit against them.

Over the years, we have secured millions of dollars in damages through civil rights suits. We can help you.

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The police don’t have the power to stop and search you whenever they want – and they especially can’t be using their badge to further their own prejudices. If you believe you were illegally stopped and searched by a cop, call our office at 312-757-2232. Our attorneys will review your situation to determine if your civil rights were violated. If so, we will pursue compensation on your behalf. Contact us today.