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Attaining $6.65M Settlement In Police Misconduct Claims

CHICAGO, Ill. — The Oppenheimer Firm successfully negotiated a collective settlement of over $6.65 million for four separate cases of police misconduct in Chicago. This settlement is the result of our aggressive and dedicated representation of our clients to ensure they receive the outcome they deserve.

On Sept. 3, 2020, the Chicago City Council’s Finance Committee accepted these settlements and signaled a significant step forward for those who suffered from alleged misconduct.

Michael Oppenheimer, our seasoned attorney at The Oppenheimer Firm, has a background in both prosecution and civil rights litigation and represented one of the plaintiffs in these cases. His compassion and advocacy helped earn this noteworthy outcome in a high-profile legal battle.

“The settlements represent not only compensation for the victims but also a call for accountability and reform within the police department,” stated Michael Oppenheimer. “Our efforts go beyond the courtroom as we strive to bring about systemic changes to protect the rights of all citizens.”

The cases involved a range of allegations, including wrongful death and improper police conduct. The goal of these settlements was to ensure the victims and their loved ones had the support they needed to move forward after their trauma.

“We are proud to have been able to secure these settlements on behalf of our clients,” added Michael Oppenheimer. “While the monetary awards are important, the true victory lies in the acknowledgment of wrongdoing and the hope for future improvements in police practices.”

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